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F-M18LYVBKRH /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M18L/F-M18LY-SPP/ast-1916893.png F-M18LYVBKSH /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M18L/F-M18LY-SPP/ast-1916893.png

70” 6-Blade DC Motor Ceiling Fan with Motion Sensor

RM 2,059.00



Achieving Both Comfort and Energy Saving

70 inch 6-blade, Ceiling fan with DC motor and Motion Sensor for both comfort and energy saving. Also equipped with versatile timer function and can be easily operated and set with a remote control.
  • DC Motor
  • mondo
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RM 2,059.00


Use with The Air Conditioner to Save Energy

Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Ceiling fans not only circulate air and equalise the temperature in the room, but also send a gentle breeze from the ceiling, which has the effect of lower the perceived temperature. Compared with breeze and without breeze, there is a difference of approximately 3°C in the temperature you feel.
Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Generally speaking, a temperature setting 1°C higher saves approximately 10% of the energy consumed by the air conditioner. This means that used in combination, the temperature setting of the air conditioner does not have to be lowered very much to provide a comfortable cool feeling, so leads to energy savings.
Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Reduce Wasted Electricity

Motion sensor changes the fan speed according to human activity detected. This automatically reduces over operation and prevents waste power consumption. Motion sensor detect: High activity / Low activity / No motion
*Motion sensor coverage may be affected by different fan installation height and room temperature.
Reduce Wasted Electricity

A Lot Air Twin DC Motor & Big Fan

Twin DC motor with higher motor power and reduce power consumption up to 50% compared to AC motor. Also, it has bigger Blade Size (80”) that provides higher air delivery compared to 60” models.
A Lot Air Twin DC Motor & Big Fan

Gentle and Comfortable Breeze

These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze. By this sophisticated formula, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans give you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.
Gentle and Comfortable Breeze

Wider Air Delivery

With the exclusive and unique 3D blade design, it provides a smooth and strong air flow while maintaining operating noise in low level.
Wider Air Delivery

Reliable - Multi-Level Safety Protection

It is very important to select safety and reliability ceiling fan. Panasonic practices safety policy to prevent any dangerous mishaps. Prevention of body falling off - Safety Wire - Cut-off Safety Switch Prevention of blade falling off - Safety Blade Hook Prevent motor from overheating - Safety Fuse
Reliable - Multi-Level Safety Protection



  • Color: Canopy Type: F-M18LYVBKRHCanopy Type
Photo of F-M18LYVBKRH


  • Color: Pipe Type: F-M18LYVBKSHPipe Type
Photo of F-M18LYVBKSH

Width: Ø1800mm (70”)

F-M18LYVBKRH: 446mm
F-M18LYVBKSH: 702mm

Air Velocity: 190 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 325 (m³/min)

• Remote Control (9-speed)
• 1-8 Hour On/Off Timer
• 2-8 Hour Sleep Timer

Colour: Black

Power Consumption (W) Low 6 6
High 55 55
Fan Speed (RPM) Low 80 80
High 185 185
Reverse Fan Speed (RPM) Low n/a n/a
High n/a n/a
Air Velocity (m/min) 190 190
Air Delivery (m³/min) 325 325