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2.5HP R32 X-Deluxe Air Conditioner CS-XPU24WKH-1 (CU-XPU24WKH-1)

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CS-XPU24WKH-1 (2.5 HP)

X-Deluxe Aero Series Air Conditioner

Clean air is essential for healthy living.

Panasonic Air Conditioner provides quality air that helps people live more comfortably, for diverse lifestyles and various occasions.

Delivering comfort, health and better well-being through Quality Air for Life.

nanoe™X, nanoe-G, Inverter, ECO+A.I., R32 Refrigerant, AEROWINGS (Shower Cooling & Direct Cooling), 5-Star Energy Rating.



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2.5HP R32 X-Deluxe Air Conditioner CS-XPU24WKH-1 (CU-XPU24WKH-1)
Horse Power
Cooling Capacity
22,500 (3,820-24,500) Btu/h
Comfort Technology
nanoe™X, nanoe-G, Inverter, ECO+A.I., R32 Refrigerant, AEROWINGS

Get Inspired

Panasonic Inverter Technology
Panasonic's Inverter reduces power consumption by varying the speed of the compressor according to the temperature changes with the aim of minimising the temperature fluctuations so you enjoy consistent cooling comfort.
Smartify Your Air
Panasonic Comfort Cloud App let you take advantage of the brilliant features available at your convenience. Now you can easily switch ON/OFF multiple air conditioners, adjust cooling settings, get air quality alerts and even error notifications, anytime, anywhere.

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