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Beautiful natural landscapes captured with LUMIX FZ1000 by professional photographer and cinematographer.



We planned a trip through the wondrous and diverse state of California--visiting iconic destinations like Death Valley, Alabama Hills, Yosemite National Park and the Big Sur Coast. It was an exceptional experience, and one that offered countless opportunities to photograph greatness. As travel photographers, we inspire those around us to go, see and do. This camera proved to be a stellar companion in illustrating the stories so many can only dream of...


The LUMIX FZ1000 is a fantastic travel companion for the outdoor photographer. It packs big features into a small package, and is equally at home in the hands of a green beginner, or a seasoned veteran. I was especially pleased with the EVF in low-light shooting situations--making it much easier to compose and fine-tune focus when ambient light was nearly non-existent. With a 25-400mm equiv. focal length, the lens reach was a pleasure, and I enjoyed the versatility without having to pause and switch lenses, and I felt free to push creative boundaries and photograph in a lighter frame of mind.

Adam Barker / Photographer

An internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his enthusiasm for exceptional imagery has translated into stirring editorial work for many publications.



California has a truly mind blowing diversity of landscapes and climates packed within a few hours drive from each other. In a weeks time still photographer, Adam Barker, and I were able to shoot along it’s majestic coastline in Big Sur, the lowest and driest place in North America, Death Valley, amongst the highest mountains in the continental US, the Sierras, and under the canopy of the tallest trees in the world, the redwoods. Focusing on trying to shoot during the magic hours of each day with some star time lapses in-between, sleep really seemed to take a back seat. The scenery, however, was invigorating.


Cinematography is not known for its lightweight equipment nor its nimbleness when it comes to shooting in rugged terrain. With cameras like LUMIX FZ1000, I feel like there is hope for a backpack that doesn't feel like it is pulling you backwards! To be able to shoot 4k imagery, in such a small form factor, is truly impressive. What's more, it has features like peaking and zebras, all shown on a lovely flip out LCD screen, that give you confidence that you are technically getting the best shots. With a 25-400 mm zoom lens the camera gives you the all-in-one versatility that translates well to traveling light and fast while still capturing quality imagery.

Colin Witherill / Cinematographer

Colin Witherill is a director of photography and cinematographer specializing in adventure documentaries and time lapse photography. Captivated by natural beauty and the challenges of capturing its nuances through moving pictures, Witherill has brought his camera to the remote corners of the globe.

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