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What Inspires You?


Colbie Ong

The late Yasmin Ahmad once said:
“If you’re serious about making films,
why haven’t you made one yet?”

I’m a singer-songwriter.
Creativity plays a big part in my daily life.
Graphic design, music, and photography.
Many say that, you would get inspiration from life.
But, what sort of life does one has to live,
in order to write a great song?
I suppose, life itself is an art

Living in an overly commercialized society,
fast-paced and constantly catching our breath.
Everything becomes monotonous.

I want to share my story, and my feelings,
through my music.
That moment,
that mixed feeling of being a rational fool,
it’s like a whole orchestra playing in my own world!

Perhaps, as long as you live life to the fullest,
inspiration will always come knocking on your door.

I love music, love singing, love writing, and I love my life.
I love every bit of my feelings.


Gary Foo

Sometimes people call me old fashion.
But I have always believed there is goodness in the old.

Like my 1975 Kombi.
Its truly one of the things I enjoy most.
From the classic Volkswagen Beetle and Kombi,
tomechanical watches, retro furniture,
robot toys from the 60’s and 70's,
I like them all! And I collect them.

It is quite amazingto see how these old things made in the past
still survive until today
and still in great working condition!

From the moment you turn the key,
You hear the ticking sound of the fuel pump,
And as you feed petrol into the carburetor, the engine starts up
The whole body shakes and wakes up from its sleep

Its not a case of just start and go.
You need to wait for it to be ready.
And you will know when it is ready to go,
from the way the engine sounds to how the body feels.
Its almost a ritual in itself.

And of course the best part is the drive itself;
With the windows down,
shiftingthe manual gears,
you just want to drive it all the time.

Traveling with friends to new locations,
stopping to admire a beautiful scenery.
Getting down to snap a few pictures,
then continue with the journey.

And each time I drive it,
it reminds me to slow the pace,
appreciate and take in all the goodness the old has to offer,
even in its bare simplicity.

Old fashion goodness at its best!


Kenny Sim

What color is your dream?
Do you see rainbows?

Some say, dreams are made of imaginations.
I dreamed of the white bricks in Santorini,
the blue water in Sipadan Island,
the golden sunlight at Golden Gate Bridge,
the red rocks in Antelope Canyon,
and the rainbow splash of Niagara Falls.

But these are not imaginations.
I marked them with every single footprint.
I preserved them with thousands and thousands of snaps.
I kept their stories deep in my memory.

Camera, ready.
Lenses, ready.
Aperture, shutter, ISO, all set.
Seize the moment.

The wind blows melody,
sun lit up the ambient.
Listen, they are whispering in my ear.
And stories are about to be told.

Life is about being courage and exploring the unknown.
Pack your bag, go out, and start taking photograph.


The Watcher

“A loner is always a better watcher.”

I can’t remember who quoted this.  
But it’s an interesting quote indeed.

Life is like a thousand images,
portrayed variously in each individual everyday.
Be it a wonderful or a bitter memory,
these memorable moments will remain unchanged.
I choose to photograph the present, and remember the past through music.

The past might not change by itself,
but it turns us into who we are today.

Perhaps you should remember to always be yourself.