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Top Load Washing Machine

A wide variety of design & capacity with superior wash features that let you finish your laundry in no time. Browse our range and choose yours today!



Washing Technology

  • ? Easily removes 6 of the most common stains with the push of a button.
  • ? Easily removes 3 of the most common stains with the push of a button.
  • ? Thoroughly agitates clothes to evenly rub them clean with just a little water.
  • ? lifts stains away with fine foam and powerful scrubbing wash
  • ? The powerful water flow of the Water Bazooka penetrates deep into fabrics, removing stains and detergent residue effectively.

Energy Saving

  • ? Two Intelligent sensors automatically detect conditions of your laundry to provide optimum energy, water and time saving operation.
  • ? The inverter changes drum rotation soomthly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.


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