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450L 2-Door Inverter Top Freezer Refrigerator NR-TX461BPSM

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Storage Designed for Freshness and Hygiene

Precise temperature control for every compartment gives food long-lasting freshness, while Ag filter maintains the hygiene by suppressing bacteria and odour. The Jumbo Freezer is always ready to store bulk-buyers’ frozen foods.
  • Ag Clean
  • Wide Fresh Case
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Eat Healthier with Fresh, Clean Storage

Eat Healthier with Fresh, Clean Storage
Healthy eating starts with the food in your refrigerator. Panasonic refrigerators support healthy lifestyles to create fresh moments every day. This means enjoying fresh and moisture-rich vegetables from constant clean air surrounding food.

Freshness Storage with Wide Opening

Thanks to the flap, the Wide Fresh Case lets you store even large vegetables and fruits easily. It maintains the ideal 90%*² humidity that keeps them crisp fresh longer.
Freshness Storage with Wide Opening

Clean Air for Your Food

The Ag filter deactivates 99.9%*¹ of bacteria and reduces unpleasant odours. The air inside the refrigerator passes through dual Ag filters to keep space clean.
Clean Air for Your Food

Surround Cooling Airflow

The surrounding airflow from multiple air outlets evenly cools each item, it maintains a constant temperature and keeps food fresh for longer.
Surround Cooling Airflow

Quick Freezing

Rapid freezing keeps in freshness and flavor. To prevent the loss of freshness due to the release of drip, it's important to keep ice crystals as small as possible when freezing items. By rapidly freezing food so that it passes as quickly as possible through the 1 to 5°C temperature zone until it's completely frozen, ice crystals formed inside the food are kept small.
Quick Freezing

Bigger Freezer for the Whole Family

1 Jumbo Freezer

Highly satisfactory for big families and bulk buyers needing mass storage space.
Jumbo Freezer

2 Ag Hygiene Zone

It comes with a separate case with an Ag filter which helps to keep food hygienic and prevents the spread of odours.
Ag Hygiene Zone

3 Removable Ice Box

Freely-moving ice box makes organizing of the freezer space much easier, and wise storage of even more frozen food is possible when the box is removed.
Removable Ice Box

Enjoy the Extra-Cold Delight

The Extra Cool Zone is fantastic for chilling drinks or cooling something quickly. The cover cools items at approx. 2°C, slightly colder than the regular fridge compartment at approx. 4°C.
Enjoy the Extra-Cold Delight

Save Energy Intelligently

Three kinds of ECONAVI sensors monitor daily refrigerator usage. The Inverter compressor optimises cooling performance to reduce energy consumption.
Save Energy Intelligently

3 Kinds of Intelligent ECONAVI Sensors

1 Door Sensor

The frequency of refrigerator use differs according to work-style, family size and many other factors. The door sensor detects frequency of fridge and freezer doors open and close.
Door Sensor

2 Room Temperature Sensor

The room temperature sensor detects the ambient temperature around the fridge everyday.
Room Temperature Sensor

3 Internal Temperature Sensor

The internal temperature sensors detect the temperature inside each fridge, freezer, and Prime Fresh compartment for better optimisation.
Internal Temperature Sensor

Sleek and Minimalist Design

The simple, stylish, and flat look matches any kitchen. The seamless design with smooth surfaces from corner to corner allows for easy cleaning.
Sleek and Minimalist Design


*¹ Testing organization: Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Test strains: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli. This does not mean diseases caused by these bacteria are prevented. Test method: JIS L 1902 quantitative test (bacteria solution absorption method). Viable bacteria count measurement method: Pour plate culture method. Test results: Antibacterial activity value of 2 or higher, 99.9% anti-bacterial effect. Depending on the bacteria count and environmental conditions, there is no guarantee the count will not rapidly increase to an unsafe level. Test No.: 003557-1 , 003557-2
*² Data prepared by Panasonic.
*³ Data prepared by Panasonic. ECONAVI operates only when the temperature setting is [MED] for both the freezer and fridge compartments.


Photo of 450L 2-Door Inverter Top Freezer Refrigerator NR-TX461BPSM

Size and Weight


* Please refer to the layout drawing for checking minimum requirement of installation.

  • Ag CleanAg Clean
  • Wide Fresh CaseWide Fresh Case

Capacity: 450 L (Gross Storage)
Door Material: Steel
Colour: Glossy Silver Steel

Wide Fresh Case to better access to large items

Ag Clean for bacterial deactivation and odour suppression

Jumbo Freezer with Ag Hygiene Zone for bulk-buying

Extra Cool Zone for better chilling and quick cooling

ECONAVI and INVERTER for saving energy


  • Gross Capacity

    • Total
      • 450 L
    • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
      • 316 L
    • Freezer Compartment (FC)
      • 134 L
    • Vegetable compartment (VC)
      • -
  • Rated Capacity

    • Total
      • 405 L
    • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
      • 295 L
    • Freezer Compartment (FC)
      • 110 L
    • Vegetable compartment (VC)
      • -
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)

    • 686 x 694 x 1764 mm
  • Defrost Type

    • Electric PCB Control
  • Standard / Regulation

    • IEC 60335-1: 2010, IEC 60335-2-24: 2005, IEC 62552: 2016
  • Energy Consumption

    • 384 kWh/year
  • Energy Level

    • 4 Stars
  • Net Weight

    • 65 kg
  • Gross Weight

    • 72 kg
  • Voltage

    • 220 V-240 V
  • Hertz

    • 50 Hz
  • Number of Doors

    • 2
  • Door Colour

    • Glossy Silver Steel
  • Door Material

    • Steel
  • Control Panel

    • Yes (Inside of fridge compartment/ Button)


  • Vegetable Storage

    • Vegetable Case (Wide Fresh Case)
  • Special Storage

    • Extra Cool Zone
  • Door Pockets

    • Yes
  • Height Adjustable Shelves

    • Yes
  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

    • -
  • Shelf Material

    • Tempered Glass
  • Egg Tray

    • Yes
  • Utility Box

    • -
  • Water Dispenser

    • -
  • LED Light

    • Yes
  • Power Control

    • Yes
  • Ag Clean

    • Yes
  • Blue Ag

    • -


  • Separate Storage

    • Yes (Ag Hygiene Zone)
  • Shelves

    • Yes
  • Sliding 1-2 Shelf

    • -
  • Shelf Material

    • Tempered Glass
  • Automatic Ice Maker

    • -
  • Twist Ice Tray

    • Yes
  • Ice Case/Box

    • Yes
  • Quick Freezing

    • Yes
  • Quick Ice Making

    • Yes
  • Power Control

    • Yes


  • Energy Saving

    • Yes

    • Yes
  • Compressor

    • Inverter
  • Refrigerant

    • R600a
  • Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane

    • Yes
  • Door Alarm

    • -

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