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Photo of [DISCONTINUED] Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Rulo) MC-RS1A-W

[DISCONTINUED] Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (Rulo) MC-RS1A-W

Dimensions (WxDxH) Main unit 330 x 325 x 92 mm
Charging base 218 x 136 x 99 mm
Weight Main unit 3.0 kg
Charging base 0.7 kg
Dust capacity 0.15 L
Battery used Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery used (Model No. AMV97V-LY)
Rated voltage 14.4 V
Rated capacity 3900 mAh (57 Wh)
Number of cells 4 series x 2 rows
Battery life Repeated charge/discharge cycles: About 1500
Continuous operating time Approx. 100 min. (full charge, fairly new battery, at 20 ºc)
Charging base Input 220–240 V 50 Hz (consumed power: approx. 33 W during recharging, 0.6 W when the main unit is away from the charging base)
Output 20.5 V 1.3 A
Recharging time Approx. 3 hr. (when charging starting when the battery is completely discharged and the ambient temperature is 20 ºc)
Length of the Power Cord 1 m
Accessories Charging base (1)
Accessories Remote controller (1)
Accessories Batteries (AAA) (2)
Accessories Maintenance brush (1)
Notice of Battery life This is the number of charge/discharge cycles when used in automatic mode.
Notice of Battery life (Ambient temperature of 20 ºc (note that this depends on factors such as the ambient temperature, the frequency of use, and other environmental conditions that the unit is used under))