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Your Microwave of Choice

New Zealand’s Favourite Microwave Brand for a Reason!

New Zealand’s Favourite Microwave Brand for a Reason

We've got what you need

Microwaves for the Everyday

Microwaves designed for everyday use. Easily defrost, reheat and cook your favourite meals with consistent results.
Discover the microwaves built to stand the test of time... 

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Premium Combination for Multi-Purpose Cooking

Did you know you can grill, roast and bake in a Panasonic combination microwave?
Thanks to our range of convection microwaves, you can cook for the family by using one of our premium all-in-one microwaves. Enjoy a stress-free dinner that’s just as delicious as meals cooked in an oven.

Recipes for the family using Panasonic Combination Microwaves

Trim Kits. It's not just all about the looks...

Did you know that microwave trim kits are not just designed purely for aesthetics? They provide a functional purpose too. Microwaves kept in a cavity space without a proper trim kit can degrade the performance overtime due to inadequate ventilation and trapping of heat within the space.
Trim kits ensure that there is the necessary air flow that microwaves require for proper operation, allowing the hot air to escape so you can enjoy your microwave for years to come. Panasonic trim kits, the perfect mix of beauty and brains.

Panasonic Microwaves been Trusted by Kiwis...