LUMIX is celebrating its 20th anniversary since the brand was born.
In this website, we will be introducing the 20 years of history and content with gratitude
for our customers who have supported us.


In 2021, LUMIX celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Our total number of sales to date has exceeded 80 million units, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many customers who have used our products.
Since LUMIX was established, we have always challenged ourselves as a pioneer in products that have become widespread today and the technology that supports them, such as the launch of the world's first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera in the spirt of “creating a new photographic culture”.
In the next 20 years, LUMIX will continue to inherit the DNA as a challenger and support both technology and usability closely related to customer needs more than ever before so that creators, who lead the new era of the photography and video culture, can express their imagination as they wish in the rapidly changing global trends.
An age where anyone in any country can become a creator and can express what you feel in your heart in photos and videos and share it all over the world.
LUMIX will continue to take on challenges as a brand that creators can trust.

Panasonic Corporation
Director of the Imaging Business Unit, Yosuke Yamane

Logo Concept
Logo Concept

The "0" in the number 20 is the image of a camera lens.
By arranging the optical axis line with "luminous", which is the origin of the name LUMIX, as a motif in the center, it expresses our unchanging commitment to optical technology.
This line also represents "focus", and contains our desire to focus on and be close to our customers.