Creating New Excitement Together,
Transcend the Boundaries of Stills and Video.

A flash in time, unexpectedly moving your heart.
Important stories, needing to be shared.

We believe that anyone should be able to capture
the sparks of life through photography and video
and easily share them,
deeply touching people’s hearts and minds.

We strive to enrich our world with inspiring photographs and video.
That is our mission at LUMIX.

There are creators around the world who are passionate about expressing their vision.
LUMIX offers a shooting experience that helps them take their creativity to new frontiers,
allowing new kinds of expression that simply didn’t exist before.
Its ease of use and sensible workflow enable creators to capture their ideas without stress.
With our focus on photographic excellence and cinematic quality,
creators will sense the craftsmanship and our persistent pursuit of perfection.

We aim to be an essential partner for creators, supporting their creativity.
Beyond conventional thinking in cameras,
LUMIX aims to be an indispensable force
in the evolution of photography and video,
and we will continue our efforts to achieve this.

Imaging Business Unit

“Capturing it all”

The LUMIX picture-making philosophy

It is to “render the subject’s essence”, in other words, to render life’s vitality and beauty in each recorded image. It is more than simply processing digital data.
The LUMIX picture-making philosophy “Capturing it all” remains unchanged in all generations and grades of products, and LUMIX picture-making quality continues evolving based on this philosophy.

“Technologies That Fuel Creative Passion”

The LUMIX Technology philosophy

LUMIX has created a new culture for photography with innovative technologies.
By refining performance in nuanced areas of human ​​sensitivity, ensuring the reliability of equipment, and developing a unified production workflow, we continue to focus on the development of technologies that powerfully support creators' passion to express their vision.

–“Shaping Emotions”

The LUMIX Design philosophy

LUMIX DESIGN aspires to create tools that respond to the passion of the creator.
Form and function give shape to the heart’s emotions; every part feels right and precisely where it needs to be. Hands sure of what to do enable eyes to stay fixed on the subject. In forming the ideal tool, our aim is to create a camera you can use instinctively with precision control for maximum shooting pleasure.


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