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A Panasonic air conditioner unit with cool breeze containing nanoe™X particles inhibiting airborne covid-19 viruses.

It is true that prevention is better than cure and taking care of one’s health begins at home. The nanoe™ X is a testament to how we stay true to offering new value for better living and help realise “A Better Life, A Better World” for each of our customers. This will provide Filipino families an option to be able to make sure that their homes are indeed a safe haven for them, lessening the harms of being infected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Aside from our homes, business establishments including restaurants, hospitals, offices, gyms, schools and more are best to utilise this technology since Panasonic air conditioners are equipped with nanoe™ X, that are capable of providing 24-hour air protection.

No matter where you are in the world, air is one of the most vital components in life. Panasonic air conditioners incorporate nanoe™ X technology into air conditioning so that you can enjoy optimal daily comfort while breathing in to cleaner air. With 24-hour protection to keep your living spaces fresh and clean, you and your loved ones stand to benefit from improved mental and physical heath for a better life. 

A photo collage to depict a family safe at home with 24-hour nanoe™X protection throughout different parts of the day.

Recreating Nature's Balancing Process Indoors

Panasonic's nanoe™ X technology uses hydroxyl radicals contained in water to improve indoor air quality for your health and comfort. Hydroxyl radicals are known as ‘nature’s detergent’ because they are naturally occurring unstable molecules which inhibit the growth of pollutants in the air by seizing their hydrogen atoms to neutralize their unpleasant effects. Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology recreates this natural cleansing process indoors to effectively inhibit various types of pathogens and pollutants found in the air and on surfaces. 

nanoe™X contained in water generated by nanoe™X device, inhibits airborne and adhered pollutants in living room.

7 Effects of nanoe™ X Technology With the Benefits of Hydroxyl Radicals

nanoe™ X technology uses hydroxyl radicals to effectively neutralize and inhibit airborne pathogens and other pollutants such as mould, allergens, pollen and hazardous substances. It can also remove strong odours and moisturise skin and hair. Learn more about nanoe™ X technology here.

A toddler and her mom enjoying the benefits nanoe™X at home. She plays on the floor while her mother works on the couch.
Stay Safe With 24-hour nanoe™ X Protection
AEROWINGS directs airflow upwards to distribute cool air evenly across the room.
Comfort Cooling With Faster, Further Airflow

Panasonic's AEROWINGS deliver a more comfortable cooling experience for your living space. It directs airflow downwards to efficiently distribute concentrated cool air the moment you switch on the air conditioner. Upon reaching the set temperature, it directs airflow upwards to distribute cool air evenly across the room for a continuous gentle shower of cool air. Learn more here.

Save Energy With Consistent Powerful Performance

Panasonic's Inverter Technology promises cool and comfortable living minus the huge electricity bills. Inverter air conditioners prevent wasteful energy consumption by varying the rotation speed of their compressor motors to adjust to the room's temparature. The result is a consistent powerful cooling experience with optimised energy efficiency.  Learn more here.

Panasonic compressor unit with inverter technology provide faster cooling and maintain a set temperature for constant comfort for energy efficiency.

Benefits of Panasonic Air Conditioner

Keep your loved ones comfortable and healthy with features like nanoe™ X technology to provide all day protection against pathogens, pollutants and harmful fumes. Enjoy faster and healthier cooling without compromising on energy efficiency.

24-hour nanoe™X Protection

24-hour nanoe™ X Protection

Virus Inhibiting Technology

Virus Inhibiting Technology

Healthier Cooling & Faster Airflow

Healthier Cooling & Faster Airflow

Saves Energy with Inverter Technology

Saves Energy with Inverter Technology

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