Issues in a Bathroom

The bathroom can be the source of steam and odours. Such substances can not only affect the comfort of occupants, but can also create a moist environment for mould to grow in.

Image showing ventilation issues related to mold or odours in the bathroom.
Image showing how the bathroom odour is reduced at different rates by using the two ventilation methods of using a Ventilating fan and just keeping the window open. It has been proven that odours disappear much faster if the Ventilating fan is installed.
Image showing how the installation of a ventilation fan in the bathroom can better prevent mold growth.

A solution plan that deals with
bathroom issues

An image map of where the ventilation products can be installed within the bathroom for better air flow

Thermo ventilator

It is multi-functional with features such as heating, ventilation, and air circulation allows for a warm and comfortable bath time. It can also maintain a clean bathroom environment by exhausting excess moisture and smells.

Thermo Ventilator
Image of a thermo ventilator within a bathroom. The bathroom is kept clean by exhausting moisture and smell

Ceiling mount ventilating fan (super low noise)

The distinctive double-chamber structure minimises the transmission of fan and motor noise and motor to the exterior. This technology further reduces operation noise to incredibly low levels that are below 30dB(A), for a tranquil, quiet living environment. 

Exterior image of Ceiling-mounted ventilation fan
Image of a ceiling-mounted ventilation system and how it is designed to expel humidity from the house.

Bathroom fan

Compact and elegant design that goes well with any decor. The back draft shutter blocks the ingress of wind and water when the fan is not in use, while the inclined duct sleeve prevents residue water from flowing back in.

An exterior image of Bathroom fan
Image a bathroom fan looks like and how it is designed to expel dirty air from the house.

Note: Product models may differ according to country.

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Image showing a bathroom after ventilation issues related mold and odours are resolved

Importance of air quality for each type of room

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