Issues in a Kitchen

Preparing a meal in the kitchen can spread heat, smoke, and various smells around the house to other living spaces and have adverse effects on our health and comfort in different ways.

Image showing ventilation issues related to heat, odours, and smoke in the kitchen.

A solution plan that deals with
kitchen issues

A bird's-eye view of the location of equipment installation and of the air flow for when the Range hood is installed in a house.

Note: In most cases, either a range hood or wall-mounted ventilation fan will be installed, depending on the requirements.

Range hood

Sirocco fan is used for powerful airflow. An elegant soft-touch glass panel with clock and alarm function enhances convenience.

Range Hood
Image of a range hood system exhausting dirty air in the home.

Wall mount ventilation fan

The perforated aluminum filter and large oil cup enable effective capturing and collection of oil. The hydrophobic coating of the filter prevents oils from adhering to the surface, allowing for easier cleaning.

Wall Mount Ventilation Fan
Image of a wall mount ventilating system exhausting dirty air in the home.

Product models may differ according to country.

Quality Lifestyle with Panasonic

Image showing a kitchen after ventilation issues related to heat, odours, and smoke are resolved

Importance of air quality for each type of room

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