Issues in a Living Room

Modern homes are designed and built in a way that the rooms are airtight to achieve air conditioning energy efficiency. However, especially in a living room where many people gather, the pollutants are generated from a variety of indoor activities can build up and cause discomfort.

Issues in a Living Room

A solution plan that deals with
living room issues

An image map of where the ventilation products can be placed in a living room for better air flow.

Cabinet fan (low-noise design)

All models are made using galvanized steel,  enhancing high durability. The unique suction fan design and acoustic noise-absorbing material allow for a low-noise operation. The high performing induction motor offers low energy consumption, long life and high reliability.

An exterior image of Cabinet fan
Image showing a cabinet fan installed and how it expels dirty air from the house.

Wall mount ventilating fan

A condenser motor equipped with ball bearing realises long life operation. Advanced blade design reduces turbulence providing a smooth and strong airflow.

An exterior image of Wall-mounted ventilating fan
Image showing a wall-mounted ventilation fan installed and how it expels dirty air from the house.

Quality lifestyle with Panasonic

Image showing the living room after ventilation issues related to CO2 or odours are resolved.

Importance of air quality for each type of room

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