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All-purpose Ground Meat

All-purpose Ground Meat

Everyone's favorite savory minced beef.
Store seasoned meat using Prime Fresh and arrange it into a variety of dishes such as curry or pasta.

Convenience of -3°C Prime Fresh
Freshness Retention, Easy to Scoop
All-purpose Ground Meat main image

* This recipe requires Prime Fresh.

Cooking Time20 minutesDifficulty:Easy




  • 500 gmixed beef/pork ground meat


  • 2 tbspsake
  • 2 tbspsoy sauce
  • 1 tbspsugar
  • Salt (as desired)



Heat a frying pan at medium heat, then stir-fry the ground meat.


When the color of the meat changes and the meat crumbles, add ingredients A, lower the heat, and stir-fry until the moisture is gone.


Remove from the heat and transfer to a storage container when the residual heat disappears, and store in Prime Fresh until needed.

Prime Fresh

Cooking Tips Using -3°C Soft Freezing

Store ground meat seasoned in advance and pop it in Prime Fresh storage to keep it delicious longer. Prime Fresh soft freezing doesn’t completely freeze the ground meat like freezer storage, which makes it easy to spoon out only what you need. Use the seasoned ground meat in various dishes whether in pasta, in curry, or as a delicious topping on rice.

Freshness Retention

Prime Fresh keeps meat and fish fresh and flavorful for up to 7 days*.

*Data prepared by Panasonic. The effect differs depending on operating conditions, and the type,condition and amount of food stored.

Easy to Scoop

You can easily scoop out just the desired amount of soft frozen cooked food.

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