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Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice

Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice main image

Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice

Finely crushed ice gives desserts a new refreshing texture. Combine crushed ice with sweet fruit and sour yoghurt for a homemade treat.

Nutrition per serving

  • Calorie112
Cooking Time5 minutesDifficulty:Easy


  • 300 gIce Cube
  • 100 gYoghurt
  • 20 gCondensed Milk
  • 80 gMango (cute into small cubes)
  • 2Passion Fruit
  • Mint Leaf for Garnish (A few stalks)
  • Orange for Garnish (A few stalks)


1) Put the ice cubes in the blender, crush using the ice crush mode, then pour into serving bowls.

2) Mix the yoghurt with the condensed milk and pour over the ice.

3) Spoon mango over the ice and top with passion fruit.

4) Garnish with mint leaves and orange slices.

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