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Five Spice Pork Roll [Ngoh Hiang]

Five Spiced Pork Roll [Loh Bak]

Crispy, flavorful meat rolls filled with soft and chewy filling for a delicious appetizer.
Seasonings penetrate meat faster in Prime Fresh while keeping the freshness.

Convenience of -3°C Prime Fresh
Freshness Retention, Nutrient Retention, Faster Seasoning, Easy to Scoop
Five Spice Pork Roll [Ngoh Hiang]

*This recipe requires Prime Fresh.

Cooking Time30 minutesDifficulty:Easy




  • 4 pcsbean curd sheet
  • 1 tspcorn flour (+1tbsp water)
  • Sufficient oil for deep frying


  • 150 gground pork
  • 5 noschestnut (diced)
  • 60 gcarrot (diced)
  • 4 nosshallot (diced)


  • ½ tsp five spice powder
  • ⅔ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp white pepper
  • 1 tbspsugar
  • 1 tspsesame oil
  • 1 tspsoy sauce
  • Chinese wine (optional)



Mix all the filling ingredients with the seasoning ingredients to minced pork. Mix well.


Once done keep in Panasonic Prime Fresh for faster flavour penetration.


Then scoop the filling onto a piece of bean curd sheet. Seal the sides with corn flour mixture and roll it up.


Heat up a pan with oil and deep dry the pork rolls until golden brown.


Serve with sweet & chilli sauce.

Prime Fresh

Cooking Tips Using -3°C Soft Freezing

Prime Fresh soft freezes ground pork at approx. -3°C to keep it fresh up to 7 days* by preventing oxidation and the growth of bacteria. Soft freezing ground pork with Prime Fresh also opens gaps between cells and quickly lets flavors in so that you can enjoy fully seasoned meat in a shorter time.

Freshness Retention

Prime Fresh keeps meat and fish fresh and flavorful for up to 7days*.

Nutrient Retention

Prime Fresh seals in nutrients by not completely freezingfood.

Faster Seasoning

Soft freezing food opens gaps between cells to let in flavorsquicker.

Easy to Scoop

You can easily scoop out just the desired amount of soft frozen cooked food.

*Data prepared by Panasonic. The effect differs depending on operating conditions, and the type, condition and amount of food stored.