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Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

In this dish we add the chicken, pumpkin and other ingredients from the start, and these provide umami that adds extra depth of flavor.
Seasoned only with salt and sesame oil, this dish really brings out the individual taste profiles of the ingredients.

What to prepare

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots ingredients image


  • 3 cupsBrown Rice
  • 90 gBarley
  • 100 mlWater
  • 3 cupsKatsuo-dashi (Japanese dashi soup stock made with dried bonito flakes)
  • 200 gChicken Thighs (cubed)
  • 50 gPumpkin (chopped)
  • 100 gLotus Root (chopped)
  • 3 slicesGinger (peeled and chopped)


  • Salt (As desired)
  • Sesame Oil (As desired)


  • Green Spring Onion (chopped) (As desired)
  • Goji Berry (soaked in hot water) (As desired)
  • Roasted Pine Nut (As desired)


1) Add the katuo-dashi and water to the washed brown rice and barley in the inner pan.

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

2) Wash the pumpkin and lotus root, and chop finely.

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

3) Place the ginger in the inner pan, add the ingredients from step 2, close the lid, and cook the rice on the Brown Rice cooking program (press Menu Select, then select "Brown").

* Image shows SR-CX108

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

4) When the rice is done cooking, transfer it to the bowl and mix in the seasonings. Garnish with goji berries, green spring onions, and roasted pine nuts.

Mixed Rice with pumpkin and lotus roots

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