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Fan/Ventilating Fan
for Business Owner

In recent buildings, air circulation has been hampered at the cost of energy conservation and improved insulation, resulting in poor indoor air quality. Panasonic ventilation systems provide a comfortable and healthy air environment for your business.

Ventilating Fan

These fans perform ventilation and feed fresh air into the room. A variety of products is available, including wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted models.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans circulate air and can also be expected to increase cooling efficiency through the circulation effect.

Electric Fan

Panasonic’s electric fans meet strict Japanese quality standards. From stand-type models to wall-mounted units, Panasonic offers a diverse line-up of reliable fans.

Air Curtain

Unique sirocco fan provides an effective, amply sized, powerful air door. Low-noise resin casing reduces noise level for low operation.

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