Partnerships in Vietnam

Vietnam Environment Administration

Since 2012, Panasonic Vietnam (PV) and Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) have collaborated on various environmental and educational outreach programs, in addition to organizing eco exhibitions. On 22th August 2018, PV and VEA have signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement to consolidate existing environmental activities and strengthen the partnership between both organizations. The collaboration program aims to raise awareness on environment among general public as well as involve the general public and other organizations in environment protection.

World Vision International in Vietnam

Through Panasonic’s partnership with World Vision International in Vietnam in 2015, 630 solar lanterns has been distributed to people in remote communes of Dien Bien Province, Vietnam as part of the global “100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project” of Panasonic.
In 2016, another 1000 solar lantern will be donated to two more provinces in Vietnam through the new partnership agreement. The collective efforts of Panasonic and World Vision International in Vietnam aims to ensure these donated solar lanterns are used effectively and create A better life, A better world for people in these non-electrified areas.

Global Partnerships

Panasonic's global partnership is based on supporting a number of global events and activities that resonate with our philosophy of contributing to society by providing cutting edge technology.


As the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, Panasonic has been supporting the Olympic Games with its cutting-edge AV equipment solutions for over 30 years.

Panasonic has also extended its support to the Paralympic Games by becoming the first Japanese company to sign the top tier sponsorship agreement for the Paralympic Games.

Drawing on a wide portfolio of technologies and wealth of experience, Panasonic will continue to provide a wide range of solutions to help people across the world share in the passion and excitement and athletes deliver the performance of their lives.

Logo of Worldwide Olympic Partner Panasonic
Logo of Worldwide Paralympic Partner Panasonic

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