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Panasonic started its first business activities in Vietnam in 1950s, aiming to contribute to Vietnam society through activities ranging from R&D, manufacturing, sales & distribution and Corporate social responsibilities (CSR).
Panasonic Vietnam (PV) is the first 100% foreign invested company to assume the role of the country headquarter in Vietnam. As of July 2013, Panasonic Vietnam Group comprises of eight companies including Panasonic Vietnam and its sales division of Panasonic Sales Vietnam (PSV), Panasonic Research & Development Center Vietnam (PRDCV), five manufacturing companies including Panasonic AVC Networks Vietnam (PAVCV), Panasonic Appliances Vietnam (PAPVN), Panasonic System Networks Vietnam (PSNV), Panasonic Industrial Devices Vietnam (PIDVN), Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam (PLSVN), and the Panasonic Insurance Service Vietnam (PISVN). The Group currently employs a total workforce of about 8,000 people. In Vietnam, Panasonic is one among those enterprises that place great emphasis on social activities surrounding education and environment. 

Company Name

Panasonic Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Office Location

Plot J1-J2, Thang Long Industrial Park, Kim Chung Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone Number

(+84) 024 3955 0111


(+84) 024 3955 0144

Managing Director

Marukawa Yoichi


November 2005


243 mil USD

The message of General Director of Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Photo of the General Director

My name is Marukawa, General Director of Panasonic Vietnam starting from 1st April 2020. I am concurrently responsible for Panasonic Sales Vietnam as MD, and Panasonic Air-conditioning Vietnam as CEO.

I am very glad and honored to be one of leaders to contribute to Vietnam society.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of our business partners, valuable employees and stakeholders for being a valuable part of the great “Panasonic family” which has been built over 60 years since we started our business in Vietnam.

During this long journey, thanks to all your deep patronage and strong support, we Panasonic have been building a truly trusted Japanese brand in the heart of various Vietnamese generations.

Panasonic Vietnam commits to be a part of Vietnam itself. We shall continue our development and contribution to Vietnamese society, playing the role of incubating new value proposition to enrich people’s daily life, with the support of full scale business model ranging from R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, and Services with five group companies.

On top of business side, with the mission of realizing our Founder’s business philosophy, we believe corporate citizenship activities, especially in the fields of education and environment, are essential and meaningful way to contribute to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a potential market with a stable economic growth and many advantage conditions. The country has been increasing its position as one of strategic markets for Panasonic in the Asia Pacific region. I strongly believe that with our continued effort and valuable support from our customers, business partners, stakeholders, we can continue a pioneering role in contributing to the sustainable development of this beautiful country.

Once again, I am so happy, proud, and confident to have you as a special part of the great “Panasonic family” for our wonderful journey of creating various wellness solutions to solve social issues, bringing a healthier, better life to Vietnamese people and contribute to the society in Vietnam.

I sincerely share our passion, gratitude with you and look forward to receiving your continued support!


Yours faithfully,
Marukawa Yoichi


From Thang Long Bridge, before shifting to North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway, turn left to enter Thăng Long Industrial Park

Regional Headquarters

Photo of Regional Headquarters

Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Based in Singapore, Panasonic Asia Pacific provides the whole range of the brand’s products and solutions across the South East Asia and Pacific (APAC) region. The region has 46 manufacturing sites, which hold as a key hub for Panasonic’s global production activities supporting the consumer, solutions and components and devices business.

Company Name

Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Office Location

202 Bedok South Avenue 1 Unit #02-01 Singapore 469332

Phone Number

(+65) 6299-8400


(+65) 6299-7600

Managing Director

Takehiko Ryu


April 1989

Group Companies

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Photo of Panasonic Corporation Headquarters

Panasonic Corporation

Since the founding of our company in 1918, we at Panasonic have been providing better living for our customers, always making "people" central to our activities, and thus focusing on "people's lives." Going forward as well, based on our innovative electronics technology, we will provide a wide variety of products, systems, and services, ranging from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products, and housing. In various spaces and areas, such as homes, communities, businesses, journeys and automobiles, we will continue to work hard to offer new value for better living, and help realize "A Better Life, A Better World" for each individual customer.

Company Name

Panasonic Corporation

Head Office Location

1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi, Osaka
571-8501, Japan

Phone Number

(+81) 06-6908-1121

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


March, 1918
(incorporated in December, 1935)

Net Sales*

7,490.6 billion yen

Number of Employees*


Number of Consolidated Companies*

(including parent company)

* Fiscal year ended March 2020

Message from the CEO of Panasonic

Photo: Panasonic Corporation CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga

Aiming to overcome global-scale difficulties

First of all, I would like to express my most sincere condolences to the families and friends of all those who have passed away due to COVID-19, as well as express my heartfelt wishes of recovery for those who are now suffering from the disease. We at Panasonic truly hope that all people return to safe and secure lives as soon as possible, and, through our business and social activities, we are firmly resolved to make our utmost efforts to fulfil our responsibilities as a public entity of society.

The difficulties we face worldwide today will eventually change our society and daily life in a drastic manner. For instance, the restrictions on activities imposed by many countries are accelerating the dissemination of various digital technologies into our homes and offices, which has compelled us to drastically change our values. Moreover, how to maintain a good physical and mental condition in everyday life will become a greater challenge than ever before.

Continuously addressing these changes while still making contributions to society and people’s lives: This is the mission Panasonic must pursue, as a company that has stayed close to people’s lives and worked to solve social problems over the past 100 years. By leveraging our cutting-edge technologies, we at Panasonic will continue to take up a variety of challenges with the aim of helping people to live healthier lives in the way most suitable for each individual, as well as helping to solve a variety of social issues. It is my firm belief that, through these endeavors, Panasonic will continue to create new contributions to people around the world, even after the COVID-19 outbreak abates.

I have no doubt that the world has the ability to eventually overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

Panasonic will walk alongside society in overcoming the current difficulties, and, always staying close to people’s lives, it will continue to work toward “A Better Life, A Better World” by taking on new challenges toward offering each individual customer his or her own optimal, comfortable life.

So I would like to ask for your continued support and patronage of Panasonic.

K. Tsuga

Kazuhiro Tsuga
CEO, Panasonic Corporation

Group Companies

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