Our Activities

In Vietnam, the Panasonic Vietnam Group announce the “eco ideas” declaration by continuously implement “eco ideas” activities in two categories “Eco ideas” for Lifestyle and “Eco ideas” for business style.

Kids school is the collective name for children-oriented programs implemented by the Panasonic Group throughout the world to support the dreams and potential of children, who are the key to the future of the Earth.

What do Panasonic Risupia Vietnam have?
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Panasonic Vietnam are committed to minimize any impacts of production and business activities on the surrounding environment and to comply with the laws on environment, as well as environment standards of Vietnam.

Environment Champions Industry Module

Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module

The Environment Champions (Schools) Industry Module is an experiential learning module organised jointly by Panasonic and the National Environment Agency of Singapore to showcase real-life environmental applications and initiatives in the industry.