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3-Blade Ceiling Fan F-56NCL

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For Resort Area with Antique Design

• 3-blade Design
• 3 Levels of Safety Features
• Compact Box Regulator
3-Blade Ceiling Fan F-56NCL as a matching interior for resort area with antique design
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Compact Box Regulator

Using the controller, you can adjust the air volume in five levels according to your preference and environment.
Compact Box Regulator

Panasonic Safety Policy

Preventive Measures For Optimal Safety

Panasonic aim is to minimise the possibility of accidents, please carefully follow these safety measures by Panasonic, to prevent any danger due to misuse.

1. Safety Wire

2. Blade Fall Prevention

3. Cut-off Safety Switch
Preventive Measures For Optimal Safety

Safety Wire

Fan motor may accidentally fall from the pipe rod due to a host of factors, like a damaged or worn out shaft bolt.

Panasonic Solution
A special safety wire has been equipped to secure the fan motor to the ceiling hook which prevents it from falling off in the event that the fan motor detaches from the pipe rod.

Safety Wire

Blade Fall Prevention

Blade fins fall from the fan motor due to material fatigue.

Panasonic Solution

An exclusively designed fall prevention hanger is equipped. This mechanism prevents blade falling as a result of wear and tear.

Blade Fall Prevention

Cut-off Safety Switch

Continued wear and tear at either the shaft or the bolt can cause abnormal fan wobbling during operation. The damage is further exacerbated the longer the fan continues to operate, causing the part or fastener to eventually break off.

Panasonic Solution

A cut-off safety switch is equipped to cease the power supply when dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt are detected. If the abnormal wobbling continues, the lever will detach from the switch and the fan unit will stop. This prevents further wear to the damaged part. It can also minimise parts fracturing so as to reduce the possibility of the fan unit falling.

Cut-off Safety Switch


Photo of 3-Blade Ceiling Fan F-56NCL

Height: 513mm (Short Pipe) / 665mm (Long Pipe)

Width: Ø1400mm (56”)

Air Velocity: 165 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 220 (m³/min)

Model No

  • F-56NCL

Fan Size (inch/cm)

  • 56”/140cm

Power Consumption (W)

  • Low

    • 14
  • High

    • 70

Fan Speed (RPM)

  • Low

    • 103
  • High

    • 268

Air Velocity (m/min)

  • 165

Air Delivery (m³/min)

  • 220


  • Classic Bronze


  • Width: Ø1400mm (56”)
    Height: 513mm (Short Pipe) / 665mm (Long Pipe)

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