Portable Sterilization Spray DL-SP006VN-W

Photo of Portable Sterilization Spray DL-SP006VN-W

Product name

  • Panasonic Portable Sterilization Spray


  • DL-SP006VN-W

Rated voltage

  • 1.5V (AAA Alkaline Battery x 1)

Fluid capacity

  • about 5ml (to use only Panasonic replenishment fluid DL-SP10)


  • about 20 x 19 x 154 mm


  • 34g


  • Package comes with 10x 5ml replenishment fluid, batteries are not included.

Sterilization rate

  • ≥99% (Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739),
    Salmonella enterica (ATCC14028), Staphylococcus aereus (ATCC6538)*


  • *According to SGS Test Report CRSSA/201252411-CA52253, sterilization rate 99.99% based on USP51 test method

Precautions for use

  • ● Do not spray directly into mouth, nasal cavity, ears or eyes.
    ● Do not put any solution other than the dedicated replenishment fluid into the main body to electrolyze.
    ● Please refrain from using if you are sensitive to chlorine.
    ● This product is inspected using salt water pack liquid. Water droplets may have adhered to the inside of the tank at the time of purchase, but this is not a malfunction.