Panasonic is honored with "Best Hygiene Performance Technology Refrigerator” at Tech Award 2020 voted by VNExpress in January 2021

Ho Chi Minh, January 8, 2021 - At the Tech Awards 2020, Panasonic has surpassed many brands to win the award of Best Hygiene Performance Technology Refrigerator. Tech Awards 2020 is a voting program organized by Vnexpress to recognize excellent technology of the year.

Panasonic is honored with

Mr. Azuma Yusuke, Head of Marketing, Refrigerator and Washing Machine, received the award of Best Hygiene Technology Products on behalf of the Company at Tech Award voted by VnExpress in January 2021

“During the Company 50 years of presence in Vietnam, Panasonic is positioned as a leading electronic brand with state-of-art products and an enthusiast in community initiatives. Panasonic envisions to transform into a Wellness Solutions Providing Company from its original brand positioning of a Consumer Electronics Company in the next 50 years. Developing hygiene products is a critical step in realizing such a strategy to deal with air pollution and food safety that is a concern across the community. We are honored to receive The Best Hygiene Performance Technology Refrigerator Award by both readers and Tech Awards’ Board of Judgement, which is a great encouragement for our new journey,” said Mr. Azuma Yusuke, Head of Marketing for Fridge and Washing Machine, Panasonic Vietnam.

Panasonic is honored with

Mr. Bui The Duy – Vice Minister of Science and Technology (center) visits Panasonic’s product booth

Panasonic has surpassed many electronic brands nominated for this category to win the award thanks to its unique and advanced antibacterial technologies applied in the Company’s modern refrigerators.

NanoeX – the active antibacterial technology applied for six door premium fridge – Suppressing 99.99% bacteria, mole, reducing pesticide by 2.8 times (after washing), and preventing odor

In 2018, Panasonic adapted the antibacterial and odor purification Nanoe-X technology from air conditioners to high-end refrigerators. Nanoe-X are nano-sized ion particles generated from moisture in the air with 4.8 trillion (-OH) radicals. These ion particles spread through the air inside refrigerator, reliably reach bacteria and viruses, allowing (-OH) radicals to transform virus proteins to deactivate and inhibit the growth of bacteria and virus in the air.

Especially, Nanoe-X is able to weaken bonds in pesticide on the surface of fruits and vegetables, allowing pesticides to be washed away easily with water, eliminating odors and 99.99% of mold, bacteria. Therefore, it is safe and hygienic for fridge users. 

Blue Ag+ - for two and three door fridge - eliminate 99.99% of bacteria thanks to UV-A light and Ag+ ions

 Panasonic đạt danh hiệu “Tủ lạnh có công nghệ diệt khuẩn hiệu quả nhất” tại Tech Award do VNExpress bình chọn tháng 01.2021

The Panasonic’s Made in Japan six door fridge reduces pesticide by 2.8 times and suppresses 99.99% of bacteria thanks to the exclusive antibacterial technology, namely Nanoe-X

Blue Ag+ generates a strong bacteria killer, OH radicals, through a reaction between silver Ag ions and UV-A light. The OH radicals work with hydrogen molecule of the bacteria to transform OH radicals into water and eliminate the bacteria.

The Blue Ag+ technology is utilized in the -3 Celsius degree soft freezing case, which makes this feature outstanding and unique for Panasonic’s fridges (PrimeFresh Blue Ag+ right soft freezing at -3 Celsius degree). PrimeFresh Blue Ag+ eliminates 99.99% bacteria, enabling food to be fresh for 7 days and can cook without defrosting . Another application of Blue Ag+ is found in the cold wash hygiene for bacteria elimination only in Panasonic washing machines.

Panasonic is honored with