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Optional Outdoor Camera KX-HNC600AZW

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Outdoor camera for Connected Home System

Waterproof (IP55) and featuring up to 12 metres night vision, this Outdoor Camera is integral part of our secure home system. You can receive alerts, arm and disarm system and even remotely monitor your property via your smartphone/tablet. Records video to Micro SD card and offers easy DIY set-up, with one-touch syncing.

*Hub unit required KX-HNB600AZW


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Outdoor Camera for Home Monitoring System

Monitoring the areas and spaces outside the home is an important part of a secure home system. With the Panasonic Connected Home Monitoring System*, you can sync up to four outdoor cameras to cover entrances, the garage, patio, garden and other exterior locations. View and record an area or space in real time (day or night) from inside the home, or remotely from your smartphone and/or tablet in either single or quad view.

*System kits and components sold separately.
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Easy DIY Set-Up

Easy DIY Set-Up

The Panasonic Outdoor Camera can be mounted discreetly onto any wall, fence or the home itself, and synced to the system's hub unit* within seconds.

*Hub unit sold separately.

Monitor Remotely and Record Real-Time Video

Monitor Remotely and Record Real-Time Video

The outdoor camera provides visual coverage during the day and vision up to 12 metres at night. Each is equipped with sound and video motion detectors that, when activated, send an immediate alert to your smartphone and or tablet. In the same instant, motion-activated audio and video can be recorded automatically to a high-capacity MicroSD* card in the hub unit for viewing on your PC or laptop.

*Up to 32GB. SD card not included.
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Panasonic Connected Home Monitoring System

The Panasonic Connected Home Monitoring System takes advantage of DECT technology that allows the product to maintain a clear, long-range signal throughout your home. You can easily configure, install and control the system yourself. Plus, there's never a monthly fee to pay.

Wi-Fi router not included.
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Optional Outdoor Camera KX-HNC600AZW
Long Range DECT Technology
Operating Conditions
-20 °C to +50 °C
Waterproof IP55

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