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Marion’s Kitchen X PRIME+ Edition

Home Cooking Made Easyb

Making Home Cooking Experience Easier & More Sustainable

We all love a good, flavourful, healthy meal, and there's a simpler, more sustainable way to achieve it with an ideal
storage solution that locks in freshness while assisting you in meal preparation.

Home Cooking Made Easy

Long-lasting Freshness for Healthier Meals

As a mum who prefers to make home-cooked meals for my family, long-lasting & fresh storage is essential
in helping me prepare the healthiest meals with the freshest ingredients.

Long-lasting Freshness for Healthiest Meals

Easily Soft Freeze Down to -3°C

The unique Prime Fresh drawer gently freezes meat and poultry, making it easy to slice and cook right away without having to defrost.

Flexible Fresh Storage Solution

A highly flexible fresh storage solution, keeping deli meats softly frozen at the perfect temperature to prevent sticking.

Healthy Eating, Simplified

A good fridge can help you in the kitchen in ways you'd never imagine, like simplifying the food preparation
process by quickly cooling down hot food for easier portioning.

Healthy Eating, Simplified

Chill Drinks & More In Just 15 mins

Get your favourite drinks chilled the moment you return home or quickly marinade food in the Prime Freeze drawer, perfect for guests who drop by unexpectedly.

Cool Down Hot Meals Quickly

Cool down hot soup or freshly baked lasagna and savour your favourite food in no time.

Preserves Freshness for Best Flavours

Did you know that how you store or preserve food can affect flavours?
With Prime Freeze, food freezes five times faster than a regular freezer so you can you lock in nutrients and texture.

Preserves Freshness for Best Flavours

Rapid Freezing that Locks in Freshness

Easily plan and prep your meals with Prime Freeze by keeping your leftover food or fruit fresh and ready whenever you need them.

Where Clean Storage Meets Clean Eating

If you are someone who worries about odour and hygiene, nanoe™ X ensures the internal air stays clean and fresh throughout the entire fridge.

Where Clean Storage Meets Clean Eating

Inhibits Bacteria & Odour

Keep food from harmful bacteria while controlling the odour of preserved and strong-smelling food in the fridge so that it stays fresh and clean.

Marion Grasby

Marion Grasby is a Thai-Australian cook, media publisher, entrepreneur and a proud partner of Panasonic. Her company, Marion's Kitchen, is a next-generation food and lifestyle company. Marion's primary mission in the kitchen is simple; to bring the best flavours of Asia with easy-to-follow recipes to inspire many to cook and eat better with clean and honest ingredients for a joyful dining experience with their families.

About Marion Grasby

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