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Fresh Safe 90% Humidity | Fridge


Open To Freshness

Fresh Safe is an airtight storage space with gaskets that prevent cold air from having direct contact with produce. Instead, it cools from the outside to maintain the optimal temperature and up to 90% humidity range needed to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

Freshness Guaranteed

Airtight Structure Seals In Freshness

The Fresh Safe case has an airtight structure to ensure that your fruit and vegetables can stay fresh and succulent in an environment with the optimal balance of humidity and temperature.


Cold air enters through the gaps and cools items directly

With Fresh Safe

Gaps are sealed and items are cooled from around the case

Humidity Control For Ideal Storage

Fresh Safe comes with an antifungal filter that keeps produce fresh by automatically responding to changes in humidity and maintaining the optimal level of moisture in the air.

Humidity Control For Ideal Storage

• The humidity control function is only available for selected Panasonic refrigerator models.​

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