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L-Mount & LUMIX S Series

L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Welcome to a new world of possibilities: the L-Mount, developed by Leica Camera, marks the start of a new era of creative freedom. Never before has one lens mount standard allowed for an almost limitless array of options in combining different interchangeable lenses with cameras featuring different sensor formats.

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L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Leica Camera, Panasonic and Sigma are set to offer a user-friendly solution that will allow photographers to ‘mix and match’ any of the three manufacturers’ APS-C and full-frame cameras with any lens from each other’s product portfolios. Regardless of which combination you might choose: virtually all functional and qualitative characteristics of each respective system will be fully retained. The L-Mount thereby opens up an almost limitless spectrum of new creative possibilities.

L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Unlimited scope of applications

Due to its diameter of 51.6 millimetres, the L-Mount is suitable for cameras with a full-frame sensor as well as cameras with an APS-C sensor. Equally, L-Mount lenses are compatible with both types of camera, which significantly expands their scope of applications.

L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Optimal focus results

The cameras’ bayonet mount is made of welded stainless steel to ensure exceptional resilience to wear-and-tear. Featuring four tabs, the L-Mount prevents tilting and ensures a particularly tight and flush coupling of camera and lens – leading to optimal focus results on the sensor.


L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Future proof flange distance

The very short flange distance of 20 millimetres leads to a minimal distance between lens and sensor. This eliminates the need for elaborate retrofocus designs – thereby facilitating a more compact lens construction. The short flange distance also enables the straightforward application of adaptors for lenses with different bayonet mounts.

L-Mount System & LUMIX Lens

Electronic components: smooth communication

The standardised L-Mount bar code ensures smooth communication between the electronic components of camera and lens-including the lens-to-camera transfer of digital compensation values, and the camera-to-lens transfer of firmware updates.

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