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Our Most Advanced TV Processor: HCX Pro Intelligent


HCX Pro Intelligent: Our Most Powerful and Fastest TV Processor, Ever

Meet the brains behind Panasonic's unrivalled picture accuracy and detail, built on several decades of premium TV and professional broadcast equipment manufacturing know-how.

Our Most Advanced TV Processor: HCX Pro Intelligent

HCX Pro Intelligent – Our Most Powerful Processor Ever

The 2019 range of Panasonic OLED TVs are powered by our most advanced processor ever: HCX Pro Intelligent. HCX stands for Hollywood Cinema eXperience. It rapidly analyses the colour, contrast and clarity of any video content, continually optimising it and displaying the best possible picture to the panel.

Tuned by renowned Hollywood colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld, to deliver picture quality true to the director's creative vision, and featuring Dynamic LUT (look-up table), the HCX Pro Intelligent Processor selects and displays the most accurate colour for every single brightness level, even when they vary rapidly within a scene. The HCX Pro Intelligent Processor is by far the most powerful processor Panasonic has ever used in a TV. This new processor makes possible a number of intelligent features which were not previously possible:

- Intelligent HDR Remaster
- Intelligent 4K Remaster
- Intelligent Clear Motion

Read on to find out more about these advanced picture processing technologies, below.

Intelligent HDR Remaster

Intelligent HDR Remaster technology converts an image in standard dynamic range (SDR) to high dynamic range (HDR). HDR enables truer blacks, greater contrast, and a wider colour space closer to the way our eyes see the real world. To achieve this, the processor leverages a Hollywood database in order to apply the optimal HDR remastering to the images displayed.

Intelligent 4K Remaster

The HCX Pro Intelligent processor incorporates technology to ensure images are clear and sharp, even in the smallest details. The intelligence lies in identifying objects in each frame (such as the sky, stars, water, and so on) and then comparing subsequent frames to correctly identify and remove any unwanted noise or banding.

Intelligent Clear Motion

The HCX Pro Intelligent processor also detects objects and edges – and then eliminates any motion errors which can occur in the picture. This feature is especially great for watching sports or fast-moving action. The result: pure viewing enjoyment.

Precise Colour Reproduction

The HCX Pro Intelligent processor includes a professional colour-correcting system, called a 3D lookup table, which is also used by professional colourists with master quality monitors. The dynamic lookup table system analyses the picture several times and dynamically selects the most optimal Lookup Table on a scene-by-scene basis to provide stunningly accurate colour reproduction.