Boutique hotel. Luxurious and well-thought-out guest rooms. A high-quality air design will ensure that customers have outstanding experiences.

Boutique hotel. Luxurious and well-thought-out guest rooms. A high-quality air design will ensure that customers have outstanding experiences.

Do You Ever Wonder About
the Quality of Air Around You?

Image showing how when consumers select hotels based on what they read on hotel booking websites and social media, air quality is an important factor in their decision.
Image showing how enhancing air quality can result in increased customer satisfaction.

Our Solution For Boutique Hotels

Our Solution For Boutique Hotels

Note: Product models may differ according to country.

Inhibit bacteria and viruses in guest rooms and in the lobby

Image of an impeccably neat and clean bedroom.

nanoeTM helps inhibit bacteria and viruses to create a clean air environment, creating an environment that supports a higher investment per guest. Since you’re creating an environment that’s out of the ordinary, why not offer air quality that’s out of the ordinary?

Effectively reduce odours left by previous guests

Image of a couple is enjoying dinner together.

nanoeTM Technology breaks down substances that cause odours, including those that affect restaurants and bars, such as tobacco odours. Wrapped in water molecules, nanoeTM ions easily reach every corner of a room, eliminating undesirable smells to create a premium environment.

Reduce mould to make washrooms easier to clean

Image of an impeccably neat and clean washroom.

Washrooms tend to enclose a high degree of humidity, which leads to mould unless countermeasures are taken. Keeping the air flowing and spreading nanoeTM ions helps inhibit mould growth.

Moisturise your guests' skin and hair during their stay

Image of a woman touching her face and seeming happy about how wonderful her skin feels.

As compared to conventional negative ions, nanoeTM ions are wrapped in 1,000 times more water, allowing them to remain active in the air much longer. nanoeTM ions are also mildly acidic, making them gentle on skin. While air conditioning can have a drying effect, nanoeTM helps keeps skin moisturised and healthy. 

Note: Results may vary based on usage; and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity). nanoeTM and nanoeTM X inhibit activity or growth of viruses, but do not prevent infection. Deodorisation effect varies according to the environment (temperature and humidity),
operation time, odour; and fabric types. It does not remove toxic substances in cigarettes (carbon monoxide, etc.). Odours that are continuously generated (e.g., building material odours and pet odors) are not completely removed. All images shown are for illustration purpose only.

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