What is a Combination Oven?

What is a Combination Oven?

What is a Combination Oven?

A combination oven uses multiple methods of cooking in one appliance. By using these features individually or in combination, you can create delicious and healthy meals in less time, while also saving space that otherwise might have to accommodate multiple appliances!
Functions found in Panasonic combination ovens:
• Air Fry
• Steam
• Convection
• Microwave
• Broil

Air Fry

Hot air circulates at high speeds around the food to prepare crispy, brown and juicy results. Air-fried foods are healthier than deep-fried foods because they need less oil to produce a similar taste and texture. With an air fry function on your combination oven, you can enjoy:
• French fries
• Steak, pork chops and hamburgers
• Frozen breaded foods like chicken nuggets, chicken wings and more 

Powerful Steam Cooking

Steaming is one of the best ways to preserve nutrients and enhance the natural flavours in your dish. By steaming dough before baking, you can also create fluffier cakes and puffs. With the power of steam, you can create delicious dishes such as:
• Fish, chicken or pork
• Vegetables such as broccoli or asparagus
• Dumplings and steamed buns

Convection Bake

Similar to air fry, the convection bake function circulates hot air throughout the oven in and around the food for fast, easy cooking. Enjoy baked meals and desserts with fast and easy convection cooking. Try the convection to prepare:
• Pastries, cakes and muffins
• Roasted steak, chicken and potatoes
• Pizzas and more

Inverter® Microwave

With the distinct advantage of Inverter® Technology, you can quickly and thoroughly cook tasty meals and snacks—all while preserving the essential vitamins and nutrients you want in your meals. Unlike other microwave ovens, Inverter® technology provides an always-on, constant energy flow and adjusts the intensity depending on the meal selection. No more worrying about cold spots or overcooked edges while reheating or defrosting dishes such as:
• Tasty omelets
• Soups, sauces and side dishes
• Frozen meat or snacks


The broil function is especially suitable for heating, browning and crisping meals. Enjoy delicious, crispy finishes on dishes like:
• Broiled chicken, seafood or burgers
• Toasted breads
• Browned and crisp gratin dishes, nachos and more