Induction Cooktop KY-B84A

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Bring home the power of a professional-style range

Our induction cooktop features infrared-sensors for precise temperature control and electrostatic glass touch technology for easy operation. The sleek black surface has a stainless steel frame and the cooking zones and control panel glow blue to match our suite of kitchen appliances.




Advantages of Cooking with Induction Heating


The induction cooktop uses a magnetic field rather than flames or elements to create heat, so its surface remains cool to the touch, except for just underneath where the cookware sits.

Easy to clean

The cooktop’s smooth, flat cooking surface area is easy to clean, and because it doesn’t get too hot, food doesn’t burn onto its surface.


Since the cooktop doesn’t heat up, your kitchen stays cooler.

Heating efficiency

Induction technology has a high heating efficiency and heats up cookware so fast that it can boil water and cook food faster than other types of cooking appliances.


Next Generation sensor technology and an advanced control program optimize cooking temperature. The Panasonic Infrared-Sensor quickly and accurately detects only the pot’s bottom temperature and the control program rapidly raises it to the set temperature and then consistently holds it.

Energy Savings

Maintaining a consistent set temperature reduces unnecessary power consumption. Panasonic’s next generation Infrared-Sensor efficiently controls power settings in response to changes in cooking conditions (eg. Ingredient temperature and the size of cookware) which eliminates unnecessary heating. As a result energy usage is minimized.

Temperature presets eliminate guesswork

For Pan Frying

Choose a pre-set ranging from 140 to 230 degrees, in 20-degree steps. The Panasonic Infrared-Sensor uses powerful heating to rapidly reach the desired temperature, then maintains it to cook foods all the way through for delicious results every time.

For Deep Frying

Choose a pre-set ranging from 140 to 200 degrees, in 10-degree steps. Even if you simmer foods for a long time, or add ingredients midway, the Infrared-Sensor consistently maintains the precise set temperature for perfect results every time.


Induction Cooktop KY-B84A
Electrostatic touch panel
Infrared-Sensor (2 front zones), Thermo sensor (4 zones)
Deep fry (7 Levels)
Pan fry (5 Levels)

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