Usage Techniques


 By adding mist, it is possible to create a wide range of expressions.
Here, we will introduce some ways you can use mist to add to the aesthetic effect of a space.

Mist × Lasers

You can shine lasers into a space that is filled with mist.
Fluctuations in the flow of the mist can be seen on planes of laser light, resulting in an ever-changing hypnotic expression.

Mist x LED Lighting

The generated mist can be illuminated using conventional lighting.
Different color lights can be used to provide a real sense of depth.


Associated Images (Reference)
(R) Red: sunrise, sunset, sunshine, bonfires, flames, passion
(G) Green: Nature, grasslands, forests, healing
(B) Blue: Sea, sky, swimming pools, gas flames, sadness

Mist × Projectors

Each projected image can transform the mist into an entirely new expression.
When projecting moving images, the floating mist gives it an immense sense of depth.

Mist × Projectors
(Space Player Projector 2,000 lm)