A new realm of creativity and freedom.



Spaces that sit right on the border of reality and illusion.

The Silky Fine Mist floats effortlessly through the air.

When illuminated, the mist keeps changing as if it is alive.

When enveloped in the mist, 

it gently takes over your visual and auditory senses.

Expanding your imagination beyond limits.

Welcome to a new world of imagination.

Case Studies


Created the clearest and most beautiful space in the city of Milan.

Based on the concept of "inventing a new standard of air", an air dome with a diameter of 20 meters was constructed. This space in the heart of Milan makes visitors feel like taking deep breaths.

Frieze LA

Frieze LA

The "Infinity Room" Frieze installation utilizes Silky Fine Mist as the backdrop for holographic visuals. This produces a dreamlike setting of mist and light.

Creating Clouds With Mist

A deep and immersive feeling of being surrounded by mist.

Created in collaboration with the University of Tokyo Graduate School, this installation sprays Silky Fine Mist to create wondrous clouds and acts as a demonstration of heat countermeasures.


The (MU)ROOM meditation space is a completely new style of accommodation.

The lighting level, color, sound volume, and aroma are all controlled to match the meditation program, making it easy for visitors to enter a relaxed meditative state.

Kaiju no Sumika

Mist is used to indicate a portal to a whole new world.

The combination of Silky Fine Mist, laser lights, and illumination makes it possible to create scenes that look as if space-time has been distorted. Kaiju no Sumika Science Fantasy Experience

Thursday, November 7, 2019 to Sunday, January 26, 2020


Toe on net 「Rembrandt」

Here, mist is generated in a space that is surrounded on three sides, which acts as a backdrop for images from the projectors. Circulation fans create airflow from the projector, which results in a sense of dynamic flow in the mist and images. This gives the images greater depth and movement.


Wonder Mist Bar

By illuminating the Silky Fine Mist with a projector and light sources, it is possible to create a comfortable and fantasy-like atmosphere.

The New Japan Islands 2020

The New Japan Islands 2020

The mist provides the perfect backdrop for images projected by an 8K projector.  By coordinating the video images, music, lighting, and mist, the atmosphere can be tailored to any event.

@The New Japan Islands

Kyoto Nijo Castle

The 2021 Nijo Castle Summer Festival

Mist is generated in coordination with the movement of people. By linking this with the images projected on the walls, they created a space with a consistent theme.

©naked inc.

Okayama Makido Cave

Okayama Makido Cave Projector × Mist

As a new promotion for the Makido limestone cave, a special production that combines projected images with Silky Fine Mist has been prepared. This creates a physical aesthetic effect that further enhances this mystical space.

©2021 HEART-S CO.,LTD.

Tenmabashi Hachikenyahama Promenade

Tenmabashi Hachikenyahama Promenade Scenic Illumination

The gloomy sidewalk has now been brightly illuminated. By adding mist, you can witness the fantastic combination of mist and light.

Expo 2020 Dubai - Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion Projectors × Mist

Following the Japan Pavilion's theme of "Where ideas meet", a space was created that fuses images and mist. This is a highly immersive experience that dissolves the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Tokyo German Village

Tokyo German Village Illumination × Mist

The combination of decorative lighting and mist makes the winter scenery look like a sea of clouds. The dynamic lighting and flowing mist creates a space that stimulates the senses for a variety of effects.