“Kizuki-au”Collaborative Constructions

(Jult 2022 - October 2022)


Spatial production that changes mist, sound, and lighting in real time

International Art Festival Aichi 2022 Collaborative Planning Project “Kizuki-au Builds Each Other” Collaborative Constructions sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

Sensing the wind blowing on high ground, we built a spatial production that changes mist, spatial acoustics, and lighting in real time.

Unveiling an installation that combines the University of Tokyo and ETH Zurich's concept of "Kizuki-au - building each other" with the power of Tokoname's natural climate, culture, and history, and finds even more value in its message.

[Main Equipment Used]

・Sprayer AE-GF021 :2 units
・Sprayer AE-GF041:5 units
・Mist nozzles:91 pcs


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