Company Profile

Company Name

Heating & Ventilation A/C Company, Panasonic Corporation


Panasonic Tokyo Shiodome Bldg.
1-5-1 Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8301, Japan


October 1, 2021


Masaharu Michiura

Number of Employees

Around 17,000 (as of April 2022)

Business Areas

Development, manufacture and sales of residential air conditioners, electric water heaters, CO2 heat pump water heaters, air-to-water heat pumps, commercial air conditioners, VRF multi-split air conditioning systems for buildings, gas heat pump air conditioners and absorption chillers, air-related systems such as ventilation systems, air purification systems and dehumidification systems as well as design/operation/management and maintenance of environmental equipment such as ventilation fans and air-conditioners.

Senior Management

A picture of the president Masaharu Michiura.

Masaharu Michiura

In charge of Marketing & DEI Promotion
Director, Global Marketing Division
Director, Heating and Cooling Solutions
Business Division

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A picture of the vice president Takashi Ogasawara.

Takashi Ogasawara

Vice President
In charge of Heating & Ventilation A/C Collaboration Business & Products, Quality Management, Environment Affairs, Supply Chain Management and Safety & Health

A picture of the managing officer Yuichi Inokawa.

Yuichi Inokawa

Managing Officer
In charge of IT

A picture of the managing officer Tsutomu Ishihara.

Tsutomu Ishihara

Managing Officer
In charge of Corporate Planning
Director, Planning Division

A picture of the managing officer Masahiiro Murata.

Masahiro Murata

Managing Officer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A picture of the managing officer Hideyuki Oka.

Hideyuki Oka

Managing Officer
In charge of Technology

A picture of the managing officer Kazuhiko Ueda .

Kazuhiko Ueda

Managing Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) 
In charge of Legal Affairs

Sadaharu Ukon

Managing Officer
In charge of Engineering President & Representative Director, Panasonic Commercial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.