We will work to resolve society’s issues, helping create healthy, comfortable lives and societies and achieve a sustainable world by integrating and further advancing our air-quality and air-conditioning technologies.


Life tech & ideas
For the wellbeing of people, society and the planet


Leading the industry with air and water technologies that secure a comfortable and sustainable new world

Helping solve society’s issues

Contributing to the realisation of SDGs

Protecting against viruses to help ensure safety and peace of mind

Reducing stress to support emotional wellbeing

Reducing carbon emissions to support sustainable growth

Homes, communities, and regions

Creating new value in work and living spaces

Enhancing living environments
life cycle support


• Purifying the air of pollutants (viruses, bacteria, etc.)
• Ventilation, air conditioning and clean rooms
• Humidity/temperature control and heatstroke prevention
• Controlling CO2 levels in the air


• Water purification
• Treatment of wastewater and exhaust gas
• Chemical regeneration

Business initiatives to add value and reduce environmental burden

Product Development

(from planning to manufacturing and recycling)

• Zero-CO2 factories
• Creating recyclable products and services
• Optimising manufacturing environments, co-existing with the community
• Next-generation manufacturing (robotics, IoT, AI, VR)


• Life cycle design
•Automatic waste separation/recycling
•Usage of recycled materials/sharing


• Energy saving, generating and storage products
• Energy saving, generating and storage systems
• Energy use optimization
• Development of environment-friendly refrigerants