Sochi 2014

Technology Solutions to Support the Olympic Games

AV Security Equipment System

Record Installation of 7,000 Security Cameras
Support the Safety of the Olympic Winter Games

At the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014, Panasonic supplied approximately 7,000 security cameras to the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. To fully address terrorism concerns voiced ahead of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games , we assisted in the delivery of public safety surrounding the Olympic Games operations with a record number of cameras far exceeding the 2,500 installed at London 2012. Sochi 2014 was a great success without any major problems.

[Main Functions and Features]

  1. Equipped with the proprietary, integrated platform UniPhier®, enabling video distribution of 30 fps at 1.3 megapixel (1280 (H) × 960 (V)), on 4Mbps of network bandwidth.
  2. The Super Dynamic method (MEGA Super Dynamic) recorded bright, clear images under any environment.
  3. High degree of water resistance in line with the IP66 code. Operated under a wide temperature range of -50°C to +55°C. Built-in dehumidifying element maintained low humidity inside the camera, providing stable camera functionality.
  4. Equipped with a continuous, 360°rotation on the horizontal plane and high-precision, -15°to 185°pan-tilt on the vertical plane. Automatic target tracking also possible with the use of two or more cameras.
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014
Scenes from the Sochi 2014

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AV Security Equipment System