Go Higher for Daniel Berehulak

Go Higher for Daniel Berehulak

I've always wanted to document Kushti wrestling. Kushti is not a weekend sport. It’s India’s version of mud wrestling with a history tracing back to ancient times. The men who come to train here dedicate all their time and energy to this sport. It is with this same enthusiasm that I wanted to focus my energy and passion to observe their daily lives and capture who they are. Thanks to the extremely fast auto focus of GH5, I was able to capture their images precisely as I wanted, even in low light; its compact size also  enabled me to physically place myself in close quarters with the wrestlers.

Profile=Daniel Berehulak
He is a photojournalist based in Mexico City and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. His photographs - in addition to his passionate coverage - are featured in newspapers all over the world.

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