LUMIX GH5 - Go Higher - Yasunaga Ogita

Go Higher for Yasunaga Ogita

Go Higher for Yasunaga Ogita

A sole trek without any replenishment is the toughest way to aim for the North Pole. Running out of food on the way can mean death. You need to carefully decipher in advance what’s essential - and what’s not. An expedition like this cannot be properly conveyed if it isn’t documented. I used to travel with a still camera and a video camera; their batteries alone were heavy, added weight. Now I can capture both incredibly beautiful high-resolution photographs and video with this one camera. With the space that’s opened up, I’ve been able to increase my food supply.

Profile=Yasunaga Ogita
He started going on solo trek expeditions from 2001 and visits various destinations in the Arctic region every year.Ogita has succeeded in both his solo trek challenges to reach the North Pole without access to additional supplies. He is planning a similar solo trek to the South Pole in 2017. 

What’s New
The “North Pole Man” aims for the South Pole, trekking solo with no replenishment. Will he make it…?  Visit his official web site to get his latest information [ENGLISH/JAPANESE]

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