Go Higher for Wolong Panda Club

Go Higher for Wolong Panda Club

The field of panda research is still full of many mysteries. Cutting-edge technology is needed to advance research. A mother panda’s labor pains can last 6 to 7 hours and it’s extremely difficult to capture the moment of birth. In addition, a mother panda who has just given birth is very sensitive to her environment and the behavior of people around her. Because the GH5 enables long recordings, we were able to capture the long birthing process uncut. Being able to turn off the shutter sound also helped us to shoot post-birth scenes without disturbing the mother panda. The GH5 continues to help us in providing invaluable data for our research.

About Wolong Panda Club

About Wolong Panda Club
A public social organization for promoting the understanding of pandas and preserving the natural environment. With many professional experts as their members, they continue to collect attention and support from all over the world.

Panasonic fully supports the Wolong Panda Club in their efforts to protect and promote understanding of pandas.

Special Video Report - Delivery of Baby Pandas 

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