Observing the Life of pandas

Newborn pandas are tiny, being only around a thousandths of the size of the mother panda. This makes it difficult to detect the delivery of babies, and there are very few clearly recorded images of pandas giving birth. The delivery season is usually in August every year. When the mother panda stops eating bamboo, it is said to be a sign that she is about to go into labor, but this is not always the case, and witnessing the delivery of a baby is a very rare opportunity. It was the long recording time that allowed the filming of the event from the time before delivery.

1.8 hours before delivery

With pandas, it’s difficult to determine the exact date when their babies are due, but after many years of observing them, it is now possible to tell on the day when they are about to give birth.

Pandas go into labor for a long time.

During this time, the mother panda sleeps, sits, or turns on the spot, and this behavior continues until the moment she starts giving birth to the baby.

2.The moment of delivery, and the first cry of the newborn baby

After a long pregnancy, we finally succeeded in filming the moment of birth and the first cry of the newborn baby with the LUMIX GH5.

Witness the sublime moment and the love of the mother panda.

3.Immediately after delivery

The newborn baby panda weighs only 225 grams; a mere thousandths of the mother panda.

Its body is still lacking in hair, and the mother lovingly licks the pink body of her baby clean.

4.Various scenes of the mother raising her baby

The caretaker puts the baby in an incubator to keep it protected while it grows. Milk is collected from the mother and given to the baby to support the mother panda.

Feel the powerful bond between the mother and her baby in scenes that have captured them together.

5.Babies born in 2017

The baby becomes like a moving stuffed toy as it grows its characteristic black and white fur.

Its cuteness is totally captivating.

As it grows bigger, it starts to spend time outside.
The studying of mysterious panda will continue in order to protect their way of life.

About Wolong Panda Club

About Wolong Panda Club

A public social organization for promoting the understanding of pandas and preserving the natural environment. With many professional experts as their members, they continue to collect attention and support from all over the world.
Panasonic fully supports the Wolong Panda Club in their efforts to protect and promote understanding of pandas.