Enjoy gentle and efficient one-stroke hair removal with Panasonic’s ES-EL8A

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Flawless, smooth skin in one stroke is now possible, thanks to Panasonic’s new breakthrough ES-EL8A epilator! A harmonious fusion of innovative features makes the ES-EL8A a versatile, highly-effective hair-removal solution for today’s busy women of Kuwait. This wet/dry epilator also features a completely new design with core improvements to head shape disc structure and motor performance, thus enabling efficient yet comfortable hair removal.

Furthermore, users, in just a single stroke of the ES-EL8A, can remove more unwanted hair, allowing them to take back some of their precious time. The head, which is 30% wider than conventional epilator models, measures 32.4mm and can also be flexed through 90°, making it possible to cover uneven contours of the body for a totally fuzz-free skin.

The ES-EL8A is equipped with a Double Disc system to ensure that any hair missed by the first disc is neatly caught by the second disc. To further ensure hair-removal efficiency, Panasonic built the epilator with 60 tweezers onto its pivoting head, thus it is able to catch more hair in one stroke. What’s more, the two tweezer tips that grip the hair have been created longer and given wider openings, yet they align perfectly so that hair as short as 0.5mm gets caught and removed from the root completely.

Panasonic, said, “The ES-EL8A is a brilliant beauty gadget to help you pamper even more of your body. It is unmatched in features and efficiency, and Panasonic engineers developed this premium epilator to fit into the busy lifestyles of Kuwaiti women. With a water-resistant design for both wet and dry epilation, you can use the ES-EL8A in the bath or shower to warm and soften your skin for even gentler hair removal. Its ingenious design also lets you pour shower gel directly onto the epilator head to create fine foam so that you can softly and gently remove unwanted hair from the roots. Another amazing thing about the ES-EL8A is it can be your multi-function beauty tool with its various deluxe attachments for optimal body care.”

The ES-EL8A is a nine-piece kit. In addition to its leg/arm epilation head, carry pouch and cleaning brush, the epilator comes with other functional attachments for total pampering bliss: an underarm/bikini epilation head, shaver head, pop-up trimmer, bikini comb, a gentle cap for epilation beginners and a foot care attachment included for smoother feet.

Consistent with Panasonic’s high-quality Japanese craftmanship, the ES-EL8A is a solidly built piece of technology with other key features you will love: a full-hour charge that offers 30 minutes of cordless operation; a waterproof enclosure design for easy cleaning; a user-centric shape that makes the handle easy to grip and to steer for maximum control; a three-speed setting so you can choose the ideal operating power depending on the part of body to be treated; and, an LED light to illuminate hard-to-see areas further ensuring that every strand of unwanted hair is removed.

The ES-EL8A Epilator is priced at KWD and now available in Kuwait at all Best Al-Yousifi Electronics Showrooms as well as all authorized distributors.


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