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Airport Dog Center Namba

Eliminating ammonia odors for quality control and improvement

Founded in 1978 near Osaka International Airport, we currently operate 16 pet stores and veterinary hospitals in Japan's Kinki and Kanto regions, including our Namba store. Based on our company policy of providing our customers with healthy dogs and cats, our offices actively promote quality control, such as by acquiring ISO 9001 certification. We when started using ziainoTM for the purpose of enhancing hygiene management, we noticed that ammonia odors were drastically reduced. Based on this, we decided to immediately start using it at most of our shops. The fact is that ammonia odors are not good for the mucous membranes of cats' noses. Our employees are also satisfied with this improvement of the working environment and due to the fact that disinfection work can be reduced. Making the workplace comfortable in this manner has resulted in an improved quality of service.
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No. of units installed: 2 units (including 13 units at other shops)
Prefecture: Osaka Prefecture
Operator: KDC Corporation

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