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Cospa Tsukamoto

Unbelievably effective at eliminating stubborn odors from wet spaces

Cospa is a chain of fitness and tennis clubs centered in the Kansai region and developed by OG Sports Co., Ltd. We have 27 fitness clubs and I started working at this club last spring. Since I joined, we had issues regarding odors in the passageway connecting the pool and the locker room. We tried taking all kinds of measures to eliminate the odors, including making changes to how we perform cleaning. It was then that I heard about another one of our clubs using ziainoTM and immediately decided to start using one at this club. We noticed the effects of ziainoTM immediately and were surprised at how effective it was in removing odors. Since then, it has also become popular with customers. It doesn't require replacements like the other ventilation equipment we had been considering, which is a great help in terms of costs.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 1 unit
Prefecture: Osaka Prefecture
Operator: OG Sports Co., Ltd.

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