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Medical Corporation Aiikukai Clinic Mama

Creating a clean air environment to reducing risks

We have started various efforts aimed at making our air clean for pregnant women and babies, including the installation of humidifiers and air purifiers in all areas such as private rooms, examination rooms, waiting rooms, and corridors. We were among the first to starting disinfecting examination rooms and kitchens with hypochlorous acid and decided to start using the ziainoTM because we felt it to be indispensable thanks to its ability to disinfect spaces with hypochlorous acid. Various types of airborne bacteria are found in areas where people are constantly coming and going. As a clinic where childbirth occurs, it is also our mission to create a clean air environment in order to reduce risks. Our goal is to be a clinic that our patients can continue to visit with peace of mind.
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No. of units installed: 3 units
Prefecture: Gifu Prefecture
Operator: Medical Corporation Aiikukai Clinic Mama

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