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National Grid

Hinkley, UK
Type of project: Refurbishment

Installer Company: Pick Everard.
Year installation: 2012

Background: The ailing chiller system serving the National Grid’s Hinckley critical call centre needed to be replaced.  National Grid needed a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Project Challenge: The Hinckley plant houses the highly important gas leak call centre that runs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It was crucial for the system to not only be dependable, but also be highly energy efficient.

Solution: The Pansonic ECO-G system installed allowed for more efficient control and performance. The National Grid site’s existing system of two chillers was replaced by seven Panasonic ECO-G’s. This technique of using multiple systems provides a much higher resilience compared to only one or two units. If a fault in one arises, the combination of heat pumps ensures that it is able to provide continuity of service.  

Building Energy analysis: The new ECO-G system installed on site has been a very straight forward transition. Not only do the units provide continuous service to the site, they have also allows the costs involved in running the units to be significantly reduced.    

3rd Party Comments: “The ECO-G system installed allowed for more efficient control and performance,” explains Jeff Fleming from Pick Everard, installers of the project. “With the highest reliability rate, the ECO-G ensures individual and efficient control and performance. This is a far more convenient method, and reduces the overall consumption of the unit, removing unnecessary wastage that would result from more traditional air conditioning systems.”

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