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Oimoto Kindergarten

Install ziaino in all classrooms

Under the slogan of "Helping children in their steady growth", our school aims to develop childcare that fosters individuality whilst cultivating a strong body, rich heart, and shining sensibility. In an attempt to improve the quality of our childcare environment, we started using the ziainoTM as we felt that sterilization could not be achieved with a general air purifier. We also used subsidies from our prefecture to install ziainoTM in all 17 rooms where our children spend time, such as in classrooms. In addition to mentioning our use of ziainoTM on our blog, we also created materials that quantified changes that occurred as a result of its use based on the number of absences by kindergarten children. This was useful for publicizing our sterilization measures and sharing information with local childcare centers.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 17 units
Prefecture: Saitama Prefecture
Operator: Oimoto Gakuen Incorporated Educational Institution, Oimoto Kindergarten

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