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Support Facility for the Disabled Takayama Yamayurien

Selected for its ease of use and mobility

Our facility is a support facility for the disabled and is operated by the Hida Jikoukai Social Welfare Corporation, which has 16 facilities mainly in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. For some time, our staff members have been spraying hypochlorous acid as a measure for sterilization and deodorization, but when we relocated to a new building in the spring of 2018, we decided to start using hypochlorous acid equipment. Initially, we considered equipment that would have to be permanently installed. However, we ended up choosing the ziainoTM because of its ease of use. We have installed 12 units in our new facility in locations such as restrooms, cafeterias, and common rooms. We are happy with its effects and are glad that we chose the ziainoTM because we can move it to private rooms as needed. Currently, we are considering using units in other locations as well.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 12 units
Prefecture: Gifu Prefecture
Operator: Hida Jikoukai Social Welfare Corporation

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